Importance of a PCO:

The PCO are the grassroots of the Grant County Republican Party

They serve on the front lines of our elections, engage directly with their neighbors, build strong communities, ensuring strong Republican turnout in our elections and most of all – Winning Elections. ALL Races are Essential! That starts with the PCO.


The PCO Advantage Factor

  • Neighborhoods with PCOs have higher voter turnout
  • PCOs help elect candidates for office all the way from school board to statewide offices
  • Many elected officials began as a PCO – having a strong pool of PCOs leads to a pipeline for future elected leaders

Filing as a candidate to be a PCO for Election

  • Be a member of the Republican Party
  • Be a registered voter in the Precinct
  • File for election in even numbered years
  • If unopposed a PCO candidate is automatically elected, if opposed whoever receives the most votes in the August Primary will be elected
  • The PCO serves a two year term starting December 1st following the election.


When there is not an ongoing election, you can still Request to be a PCO now!


PC Captain Appointments for open precincts

  • Eligibility: must declare to be a member of a major political party, registered voter in the precinct.
  • Appointment is made by the County Chair


PC Captains act as a PCO but do not live within the precinct. This is beneficial to fill positions in precincts without a PCO This is done through the same eligibility and process as a PCO appointment except the appointee may live outside precinct to which he or she is being appointed Captain.


Represent our Party in your Precinct

  • Identify Republicans in your precinct
  • Register likely Republicans to vote
  • Remind Republicans in your precinct to vote
  • Elect party leadership
  • Support Republican candidates running for office

Participation as a Member in good standing

  • Attend Central Committee Meetings – approximately 4 times a year
  • Attend your monthly District PCO Meetings
  • Be current with your Annual Dues
Will you volunteer?