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Grant County Republicans Status Update

We continue to struggle with the faction within the Grant County Republican Party that is unhappy with the progress we have made this year.  Unfortunately, there are individuals in our County Republican Party that are putting personal agendas over what is best for everyone.  Our Facebook page was hijacked by Andrew Koeppen, shortly after he and others disrupted our October Central Committee meeting.  This faction within the Grant County Republican Party has been working to disrupt what has been a very successful year for our organization.  They continue to insist that Andrew Koeppen is the interim chairman, in spite of the fact that Officials in Grant County government, have written to affirm that David Hunt is still the chairman of Grant County Republican Party.  Additionally, Jim Walsh, chairman of the Washington State Republican Party, has weighed in on this controversy and affirms that David Hunt is indeed still the chairman of the Grant County Republican Party.  Here is his letter stating that fact(highlight added):

January 3, 2024

Auditor Jaderlund,

Thanks for contacting the Washington State Republican Party (WSRP) with your questions about our position on the current officials of the Grant County Republican Party (GCRP).

The WSRP currently recognizes the three officers elected at the GCRP’s last regular organizational meeting: David Hunt, Chair; Richard Heiberg, State Committeeman; Candy Erickson, State Committeewoman.

As I believe you know, a great deal of uncertainty has developed around the GCRP in the months since that last regular organizational meeting. Essentially, the GCRP has split into two factions—one that includes the Chair, the other that includes the State Committeeman and State Committeewoman. Each faction claims that it is the GCRP. Neither faction has established that it has the support of a clear majority of the GCRP’s Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs). Each faction claims it has removed some officers; neither faction has established that it followed proper procedures for doing so.

The WSRP believes that local PCOs—and only PCOs—decide who are the GCRP’s elected officials. Normally, these officials are elected by the PCOs at the regular organizational meetings that take place every two years. Under certain situations, these officers can be removed during their two-year terms by a vote of PCOs at a special meeting called and conducted under exacting terms. In the WSRP’s opinion, no such special meeting has been properly called or properly conducted since the GCRP’s last regular organizational meeting.

I hope this gives you the information that you need. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send them to me at this email address.

All best—

Jim Walsh, Chairman

Washington State Republican Party


In response to this letter from Chairman Jim Walsh, and in accordance to our bylaws, David Hunt scheduled a Special Meeting for January 18th at 7:00 p.m.  He notified the PCOs within the required 10 days of a Special Meeting.  This was followed up with a mailed copy to each PCO. 

Andrew Koeppen has been masquerading as interim chair since the October Central Committee meeting he disrupted.  He has sent out, "On behalf of the State Committee Man and State Committee Woman of Grant County", a call for a special meeting of their own, at 5:00, the same day we have ours scheduled.  Signed by PCOs: Candice Erickson, Rick Heiberg, Louis Raap, Robert Sieg, Diane Oliver, Eric Turner, Kelly Skotland, Danny Stone, Dayna Dent, Unclear Signature, Andrew Koeppen, Edwin Buchert, and Lyle Blair.  This group is not following the bylaws, and in a orderly way requesting the Chairman include their business in the original Special Meeting.  The bylaws state, "the individual or group calling a bylaws or special business meeting shall retain the right to have their business included in the meeting agenda, although it must maintain the standard order of business for Central committee meetings under article 1.5.3 of these bylaws".


We will continue to update the public regarding this issue, on this website.  Thank you all for your continued support, we look forward to happier and more productive days ahead!



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We Are Proud To Be Republican
Grant County Republicans Status Update
We Are Proud To Be Republican