2020 Washington State GOP Candidate for Governor

Loren Culp for Governor – Campaign Website


Phone: (509) 496.8022

EMail: Info@culpforgovernor.com;

Website: https:/www.culpforgovernor.com

Elected Experience:

Chief of Police, Republic, Washington (appointed 2016)

Other Professional Experience:

Law enforcement officer, city of Republic, 2010 to present; Narcotics detective; North Central Washington
Narcotics Task Force; dual purpose K 9 handler; Owner, Stamped Concrete, 21 years; Combat Engineer 101 st
Airborne Division, U.S Army.


Honor Graduate, Noncommissioned Officer Academy (Leadership Academy), 101st Airborne Division; Repel
M aster S chool; A ir Assault S chool; Drill Sergeant School (attended as a corporal); Honor G raduate, Combat
Engineer School.

Community Service:

Police Chief of the Decade, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, 2019; Hero of the Year,
Okanogan County Reader Poll, 2019; Key to the City of Republic , 2016; Life Member, Veterans of Foreign Wars;
Life Member, American Legion; Life Member, Fraternal Order of Eagles; Life Member, National Rifle Association;
Life Member, Gun Owners of America.


I’ve said from the beginning of my campaign that we need to send common sense to Olympia. What began as a
small campaign has grown into a movement made up of thousands of hard working men and women across the
political spectrum who love their state but hate their government. This movement is made up of people who
love their families and the freedoms protected by the Constitution.

The many challenges we face now:

COVID, stratospheric unemployment, homelessness, drug addiction, crime,
collapsing infrastructure, mismanaged natural resources, and high taxation among many others will begin to be
resolved when we stop relying on the politicians who created the problems in the first place. A change in
leadership is required to change these outcomes.
As long as we are led by politicians who refuse to put our needs ahead of the needs of special interests and pure
politics, then we can be assured that our state will continue to be closed down, crime will continue to rise, our
state will continue deeper into debt, our natural resources will be depleted, and our people will flee to other

In my administration:

The needs of families will come first for the first time in over three decades. We will protect
all workers and make sure our families earn an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. We will implement
clean energy solutions without raising costs through cap and trade and give our state a green solution for our
energy independence that works while protecting our waterways and forests for sportsman and tribes.
That is the vision I have for Washington and what we are going to deliver for our families. The shunned people of
our state will no longer be ignored. Your voice will be heard loud and clear in my administration and I
respectfully ask for your vote.