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The National Park Service has decided to reintroduce Grizzly Bears back into park lands located in Washington State effort to rebuild a once thriving grizzly bear population. 

There is a 90 day comment window open to express your views on this decision.

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The purpose of the Grant County Republican Party Central Committee is to:


Barbara A Morgan


1. Promote the election of Republicans, in good standing, to office,

2. Attract voters, volunteers and donors to the Grant County Republican Party,

3. Cultivate a countywide Republican organization which encourages constitutionally conservative grassroots participation in local, state and national politics while promoting individual civic responsibility in each generation of citizens,

4. Provide and support education to increase understanding of the GCRP Platform, the US Constitution, and current issues to insure better informed voters and elected officials who govern with constitutionally conservative values, and

5. Plan, organize, administer, and finance the Grant County Republican Party’s operations to accomplish the aforementioned purposes.



The primary duty of the Chair is administrative, namely, to organize the function of the county party. The Chair delegates duties to party volunteers as much as possible, for the benefit of the party and the community at large. There are monthly Executive Board and monthly or quarterly Central Committee Meetings for which the Chair is responsible. The Chair makes sure the minutes are entered into the record of each meeting. The Committee operates within a detailed income & expense budget; and the Chair is authorized to solicit and receive funds on behalf of the Central Committee per specific guidelines. The Chair informs PCOs, in writing, about precinct caucuses and the county convention in presidential election years, and to instruct them on their duties during these events. The Chair is the official face and spokesperson of the GCRP and shall endeavor to promote the party within the county, and finally, the Chair automatically serves as a member of the Republican State Committee of Washington.

Barbara A. Morgan

Linda Bishop and Congressman Dan Newhouse

Linda Bishop and Congressman Dan Newhouse

“This is my second term as Fourth Congressional Chair. My duties are to submit information to educate our county GOP board and PCOs on the activities of our Representative. This position has been perfect for me. It’s helped me to research what is current in D.C. and our District. It’s helped me stretch and gather information from newspapers, iFiber, Facebook, etc.

It’s been interesting to me how Congressman Newhouse represents us. As our major economy is agriculture it’s advantageous that we have a farmer representing us. Hanford in the Tri Cities is high on his agenda and our technology companies are also important to him. Recently Homeland Security has kept him very busy. I have a good report with his staff in our state and the staff in D.C.

It’s interesting when our Congressman invites Governmental staff to our state. I enjoy reporting on those individuals on that level, as well. We’ve seen some very important staff of President Trump’s to our 4th Congressional District.

I try to attend Congressman Newhouse’s town hall meetings and his other activities. He is very involved in our Veterans issues. Our Veterans have benefited from him and his staff’s knowledge on the subject. He’s had seminars at Big Bend Community College for those constituents. I’ve helped support him with his political signs and materials. Campaigning has been a major activity of mine since age 18. I appreciate that Congressman Newhouse supports President Trump. He and I have like goals and philosophy.

As a conservative with a love and respect for the Constitution and American flag it’s fitting that I’m active in the Republican Party.”

Linda Bishop
Moses Lake, WA

Thank you, Mr. President!

President Donald J. Trump

President Donald J. Trump